Manja International Circuit is open for public daily to enjoy the thrills and excitement of racing in a safe and controlled environment. ​

Age GroupKart PowerPrice ( JOD )Duration
3 - 6 (Passenger)9hp (Driven by adult)1010 mins
7 - 115.5 hp1010 mins
11+9 hp1510 mins
16+13 hp *2010 mins

Must have Manja Membership Card (minimum 15 runs)

Full racing experience! A group can have a private race, where they start with a qualifying session to determine their starting order and then run a 10 laps race.  

Mini Grand Prix


Arrive & Drive

  • All drivers must wear safety helmet before driving.
  • Marshals will be at the track during driving times to give signals for drivers in case of accident ahead.
  • All karts are equipped with sensors connected to the race control, where they can slow down or stop any kart, or all karts at once if needed to ensure drivers safety. ​


Minimum number of drivers
Maximum number of drivers (9hp)
Maximum number of drivers (13hp)
Qualifying Session5 mins
Race Duration10 laps
Price (9hp) - Per Driver25 JOD
Price (13hp) - Per Driver *
35 JOD

Must have Manja Membership Card (minimum 15 runs)